Felling stuck, unmotivated and have lost your passion????

If you are feeling stuck, unmotivated and have lost your passion, you are feeling those feelings are for a reason..

If you aren’t inspired where you are, know that those feelings are your guidance to more.

Think about what would bring back your passion. Want more freedom in your life, want to feel inspired about your career again, want to generate more abundance?!?

It May be time to grow. Know your options. Create your dream life.

Solo (Independent Esthetician):

As an esthetician, you can be a boss. Yes, you read right. A boss! You can even start it from a single room, a set of few instruments, and full of aesthetic knowledge. I usually recommend working at a medical spa or under an experienced esthetician for 2-3 years before going on your own. But, when you feel like you are not growing working for someone else, it may be time to venture on your own. Believe me when I say it is worth the risk.

Working in a medical spa under a doctor:

If you are a new esthetician, if you feel like you need more knowledge creating results for people or you crave more education, working at a medical spa mentored under a doctor may be the best option for you. As an esthetician, it is the first and foremost responsibility to understand all skin types and how to create results as well as have the knowledge of what to do if things go wrong.

Lash artist:

Do you love detail and consider yourself a perfectionist? Than you may want to consider becoming a Lash Artist. Lash artist’s are KILLING it. Many lash artist are booked out 2-3 months and there are many in the industry, but there is more than enough room for everyone if you are dedicated to being great. This is a very abundant industry. You can have the freedom to work two-three days a week and make your own schedule.

Product representative:

Are you obsessed with products, ingredients, marketing and creating relationship with people? If so, you may want to become a Representative for your favorite skincare/makeup/device company! In this position, you will maintain relationships with current customers, identifying new prospects, educate other skincare professionals and make a LOT of amazing connections. This position is very rewarding and can offer more freedom.

Create your own skincare or makeup line:

If you are a free bird and don’t want to work under anyone else. Then it’s a blessing that you are an aesthetician. It’s the best opportunity that you can create your own skincare or makeup line. People will trust you more because you are a qualified aesthetician and your skincare or makeup products are clinically tested and safe to use. Creating your own makeup line will encourage many others and provide job opportunities for hundreds of aestheticians.

Microbladding artist:

Microbladding is not an easy thing to do. Microblading is actually an art. It is a tattooing technique that uses small needles to add pigments to the skin. People who want to get microblading always look for a trusted professional. No one wants to put their lives at risk. This is a very lucrative career, you can make your own hours, generate lots of income and fulfill your creative passions.

Professional Esthetician influencer:

If you are blessed with the esthetic knowledge, don’t waste it. Take a step and rock the world. Start influencing people. You have much more to do. You can influence people by using social media like facebook,instagram,twitter etc. Work with brands you love and help more than just the clients in your town. This is a great career to build as a side hustle that has HUGE earning and freedom potential. Dont let your talents and knowledge be capped, reach for the stars and maybe even past that.

Skin Care Product Specialist

The Skin Care Product Specialist is primarily responsible for transitioning patients from the physician to the aesthetic/retail portion of the practice. This position works closely with physicians to understand their preference of products and ingredients, so to effectively relay to patients why topical aesthetic products contribute to their overall skin health. Knowledge of skin structure and physiology is essential in order to effectively explain product ingredient efficacy to patients. Continual intensive training in product lines and ingredients is vital to remain relevant in the constantly changing field of aesthetics.

These are only a few in this field. What amazing job have you found a=or want as an esthetician??? LET ME KNOW BELOW:)




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