Is true happiness as easy as having more fun?

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

A never-ending question pondered since ages from philosophers to commoners is about happiness. Does one such question pertain to whether true happiness can be attained as easy as having more fun?

A truth of our life is that we are moving constantly and we work with utmost dedication with the sole motive to have fun in the 'future'.

But when does this future come?

We keep working all the time and the flow of action seldom ceases. Constantly traveling, scrolling on our smartphones, or engaging in work; we have forgotten how to relax and enjoy the moment. We expect to attain true happiness when we pay an exorbitant amount for it or when we take time off to 'relax' yet we find ourselves unable to quieten down our chain of thoughts. It is not very surprising why the majority of the population are experiencing mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, or stress.

We are so caught up in this race that we have even forgotten how to take in a deep breath.

So, you may be wondering that this is all true but now what should you do?

In principle, it is imperative to cultivate the mindset of being in a relaxed and calm state no matter how the external circumstances change. It does not mean that you stop caring about your life; it simply means that you do not lose your state of balance with changing circumstances.

Practicing the art of enjoying, having fun, and living life as it comes

is the secret to soulful happiness.

In this state, you will feel congruent with your thoughts and emotions and this allows you to experience each moment to the fullest without being caught up in your head. In simple words, engage in activities

that you enjoy! One powerful technique that you can use for your desired state of life and mind is visualization. In visualization, all you do is simply relax and realistically picture your wishes or desires.

You must believe in it so much so that you feel like you already have your desired life.

You can begin with visualizing yourself.

If you have your ideas of how you would like to be, then all you need to is simply imagine yourself as behaving and living in that manner and you will soon begin to notice the changes in yourself.

This is because you are using your mind and the

universe's energy for manifestation aka. law of attraction.

One of my favorite laws of the universe is the law of attraction

because it works by aligning with our vibrations.

So, when we begin the practice of visualization and finding joy in our daily life, then we are raising our vibrations and opening ourselves up to abundance and happiness.

This, my friends, is the secret to your happiness and it is as easy as having more fun in your life. If you are reading this, that means it is already a sign from the universe that you are on the right path towards your happiness and now you just need to incorporate these practices for your happiness and peace of mind.

Stay blessed.

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