The industry is changing 5 Tips: How 2 Become an Esthetician Influencer + work with brands you love!

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

The industry is changing, and this change can be uncomfortable, scary, and challenging. Still, according to my observation, this change breaks various open opportunities to take our knowledge and education on a big scale.

Since I’ve been an esthetician, skin has been on the bottom of most women’s priority list, with nails and hair always being essential because nails and hair are instant gratifications, and to improve skin, it takes time and prescribing the right products.

The media has made various broken promises, that show cleansers can make acne go away, and over the counter creams can take away brown spots from one bottle. As we all know, products sold over the counter can’t put the number of active ingredients in formulations due to the harm is can cause without being under a skin professional’s guidance. With a small number of active ingredients that will never hold up the promises, the marketing team provides to the masses.

The industry has come so far, and skincare can create results for people. I have seen a significant shift within the last few years with the people investing in results driven skincare.

Back to the industry is changing, I was recently invited to a digital influencer event held by a company called unfiltered experience. They did an amazing job for it being their first digital event. There were influencers, beauty brands, manufacturers, and businesses in the beauty industry. I connected and met with multiple skincare companies, and most of them were the creators of skincare brands, and they were VERY interested in working with estheticians! They wanted to have licensed professionals represent their brand; that was the theme, it was exciting to see!!!✨✨✨

We all work with skincare brands daily, but there’s an opportunity to work with brands on a bigger scale. And you can do that, and start creating more abundance, impact, and freedom!!

To become an Esthetician Influencer, here’s my top 5 tips to get started!

1. Get clear on your niche and become perfect at it. I have a course to help you get crystal clear on your passion, if you need more clarity make sure to check it on. Check it our here.

2. Create a brand that represents you. Canva is the best platform for making free images for the brand from youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, and website. A free version of the canvas is available. However, I highly recommend you get the monthly subscription. It pays for itself 10000 million times every single month.

Check it out by clicking here.

3. Create a posting schedule that works according to your lifestyle. I have learned it is best to dedicate a day to creating content for a full month, it stops making it about what you’re going to post every day, which creates no post due to the daunting task it can create.

4. Turn the word SELLING into EDUCATING. Turn all of your passion, experience, and knowledge for skincare and start to educate your audience.

5. Don’t get discouraged when you see another esthetician

have a beautiful brand that you love. The industry is not oversaturated. When you see estheticians doing what you want to do and are at a level of success you dream about, tell yourself that if she can do it, you can too. We’re here to inspire each other and lift each other up, and together change the industry.

Don’t take from someone; be inspired by them; there’s enough room for everyone. And when you tap into your passion and your niche, you’ll align to massive amount of success!

I have a course that I am creating for the estheticians who want more opportunities to use their education as skin professionals to create more impact, abundance, and freedom. Make sure to get on the waitlist!

Stay inspired, and be open to new possibilities that are happening for us right now!

Let me know if you want to work with the brands that you love in your comments!

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