You will NEVER find the right products if you don't get this right.

I've had so many patients who talk to me about their skin struggles.

They tell me about their acne, pigmentation, dry skin, and the worst of all: no product they buy seems to make a difference. 

So when they ask me for help, I start with a simple question:

"what's your skin type?"

9 times out of 10, they have no idea.

Or even worse: they give me an answer, and when I take a look myself, they've got it all wrong. 

At The Modern Esthetician, we’ve never believed in a one size fits all approach. Skincare is a science and art. But don't be intimidated. It's something that we can learn. The tips and tricks to caring for skin are all about knowing skin because understanding means you can find the perfect product that works perfectly for you and combat potential issues without causing more problems. Let's discuss the different skin types and how to care for your skin according to your skin type.


Types of Skin

-Combination Skin

-Dry Skin

-Oily Skin

-Normal Skin

-Sensitive Skin

How to determine your skin type

Take a sheet of blotting paper and pat it on your face. Hold the sheet against a bright light. If you see little to no oil, it's dry skin. If the sheet fills some oil from the T-zone, it has normal or combination skin symptoms. If it fills with oil from all parts of the face, so you have oily skin.


Combination skin

Some areas of your skin might be rough and dry, while others are shiny. Having an oily t-zone is a big giveaway. Lactic Acid (AHA) is a skin smoothing ingredient and moisture barrier-repairing exfoliant that I recommend to EVERYONE I know with this skin type. READ MORE

Dry skin

If your skin usually has a rough texture and gets flaky, you might have dry skin. People with dry skin can often get red patches as well, and to them I have two things to say: thick moisturizer and retinol. READ MORE

Normal Skin

Your skin isn't too oily or too dry. It has an even tone and texture, and you don't worry too much about skin problems. If that sounds like you, I would suggest antioxidant and Retinol to keep your skin glowing for years to come. READ MORE

Sensitive skin

If you notice a lot of redness, breakouts, or rashes, you might have sensitive skin. Usually the tell is how strongly (and how badly) your skin reacts to products, sunlight, or other external irritants. Your skin needs hydration and nourishment, so I suggest Avene Thermal Spring Water. It has exceptional cooling, soothing and softening properties. READ MORE

Oily skin

If you're shiny all the time you probably have oily skin. People with oily skin often have blackheads, pimples, or other blemishes. For you I highly recommend benzoyl peroxide (which has been proven to keep oil under control!). READ MORE

Skin type is an essential factor to know because products identification that suits your skin type. We identify five different skin types, and provide tips for your skin type that suits you best. In addition, we suggest you to drink more water because whatever skin type you have, drinking more water will enhance the skin's glow. We hope to know you can easily find what kind of skin you have.





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